phases & routines

18 May 2010

i’ve been thinking a lot about phases & routines lately. i’ve been reading about and trying to practice mindfulness on a more regular basis and this has made me stop and examine myself and the phases/routines that i’m in. for example, one day, i’m going to hear “heart of gold” by neil young on the radio, and i’m going to think back, wow, that reminds me of my first year as a school psychologist, driving to work with the sun in my eyes. or driving between schools, or home from school, because let’s face it: that song & this song are on repeat in my car (thankyouverymuch emily). if i look a few months back, in the movie of my life, i see myself listening to “the most beautiful girl in the room” over & over & over again (and rewinding/fastforwarding to certain parts of the song just because they make me laugh out loud). i can’t necessarily identify what shifted, but i know that when i think of these songs, there are two distinct phases that go with them.

music is funny like that. it brings you back, and i think that for me, it makes me appreciate the little moments even more. i think of the time that i sat on my grandmother’s chair in bloomington illinois and listened to night moves 84 times in a row. just thinking. thinking.

there are songs to go with all of the phases. and then there are the phases themselves. will i always go to tuesday night yoga? right now i feel like i will, but someday, life will change, and i won’t. or someday, i’ll look back and think, you were just in a p90x stage. or will i always be as obsessed with blogland as i am right now, with my google reader having 100+ articles to read daily (cannot miss this, or this, or this, or this, or this, just to name a few). i still remember the first blog i ever read, and how it wasn’t that long ago. the ritual or tearing off a paper chain won’t last forever; drinking out the solid plastic straw probably won’t last forever. sunday night movies might just be a phase, and crocheting might just be a phase, just like it seems sewing was last year.

i’m just noticing more.

it’s making me appreciate things so much more. the routines, the phases, i just want to remember everything.




15 May 2010


i love that boy, i love that photo, i love valo photography, i love that day (i love fields of gold, i love chick-fil-a, i love cupcakes, i love abandoned coal plants, i love family, i love friends, i love beer, i love engagement photo shoots with jake and simon), i love this american life, i love coffee, i love quiet saturday mornings, i love yoga, and i just LOVE.

this is where

7 April 2010

Spring Break 2010, originally uploaded by sarahreck.

i make things. or i try to.

i feel like i always have so many ideas in my head, and i don’t know how to get them out, and i follow at least a hundred craft blogs. and then there was me, and it took me 5 months to finish my granny square blanket.

i haven’t figured out a good balance between working and crafting and working out and reading for fun and still keeping in touch with family and friends. oh, and planning a wedding.

but i’m trying, and i’m getting better. and now that my space is more organized again, i just want to spend time in there. i love being surrounded by my craft things. i don’t love the painted-over-blue-wallpaper, but i love everything else about my tiny corner of the house.

maybe i’ll go there now.

or maybe i’ll go to bed.


not a famous one. just a consistent one.


what is stopping me, really?

why is this just like dieting for me?

allow me to explain: i can work out and follow exercise plans like nobody’s business (following the training plans for 7 half marathons, check. marathon training plan, then marathon, check. p90x workout program, 1/3 check–today is 30!. ).

but diets?

nope. i’ve never really had to DIET (HAD to), but i’m trying to improve my health by eating better. but alas… i haven’t yet been successful with that. i like snacking & carbs & treats way too much.

(who ate like 8 dove promises that were in the teacher’s lounge today? this girl. who had thai takeout last night & leftovers tonight? this girl).

so really… blogging.

it’s kind of like dieting. at least for me.

i’ve halfheartedly tried, just like i’ve halfheartedly tried at a diet. but in both endeavors, i’ve failed, partially because (i think), it’s not as scripted (as a workout plan).

but i want to eat better.

and i want to be a blogger.

my blog will not be about eating better.

it will be about me. and just life.

it won’t be too personal- i don’t like that. but it will probably be more personal than it should be.

here we go.

action statement #1: tomorrow, i will blog SOMETHING.

me oh my

29 December 2009

hello obsession,

home: edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros

i want to whistle & sing & prance around my house when i hear you.



this post, by the very inspiring kelly rae roberts, rings true to me. this part especially:

<<i’m committed. yes! committed to getting more of a life. doing new things (salsa lessons!). meeting new people. learning new skills (bought three cookbooks!). making new art. keeping track of my time online. writing more gratitude lists. writing more love notes. reading more books. reading more magazines (the current issue of oprah was the best magazine i’ve ever read. cover to cover, it helped me so much). making more gifts. getting outside more, even in the rain. going to concerts. doing less, while doing more.

you know, life. i want more of it. because in the end, having a life is what makes me better at what i do. it also inspires what i do. and how i do it. so, that’s the challenge, peeps. more life in 2010. it’s a journey i want to take. a journey i’m ready to take.
maybe not exactly all of that, but close.
i want more of it.
i need to learn how to leave work at work.
i need to have more LIFE.

reindeer, reindeer, reindeer

23 December 2009

353/365, originally uploaded by sarahreck.

finally feeling christmas-y!

so many projects to finish:
pretzels to make
cakes to bake
presents to wrap
(first, boxes to find!)
loose ends to finish

merry christmas to the few that actually read this. maybe my new years resolution will to be a real blogger.

i do love christmas….

21 December 2009

351/365, originally uploaded by sarahreck.

…. but i’ve felt awfully grinchy the past few days.

i remedy that by blasting christmas carols & watching & re-watching elf & drinking wine.

updated list!

23 November 2009

ONGOING projects
  • take vitamins EVERY DAY in November (I have set up an alarm to tell me this)– 23/23
  • journal OR blog EVERY day– 23/23
  • read the new John Irving novel –50 pages left!
  • keep up with the dwindling 365 project…. well, i’ve taken the pictures every day…..
  • call grandpa weekly — 2 for 2 so far 🙂 (I still have till the end of the week…)
  • do 5 things with tiffany EVERY day– 23/23 so far. 🙂

one time things

  • make a list of all christmas gifts that i am going to make/give — it’s started at least….
  • make thanksgiving placecards (practice for something??)
  • give the box of things in the bedroom to Goodwill
  • try a new fruit (persimmons purchased! waiting for them to ripen).
  • make a budget (save: wedding, house, new car someday, student loans)
  • spend one day (24 hours) internet/telephone free.
  • BCBA application for once & for all!
  • build another fort

Good progress, I think…. but there’s still a ways to go. I might not make the goal, but at least I know that I used these productive/happy things to distract me from November. My goal right now is to fill the Goodwill box & to make a budget & finish the John Irving book by the time I leave for MKE…. and of course, the Thanksgiving placecards will have to be done by Thurs 🙂


I’m so looking forward to family. ❤

we stole a kiss

15 November 2009

under the bean, originally uploaded by sarahreck.

we stole a kiss
as tourists
in downtown chicago
under the 23 million dollar

i love him.