22 July 2010

so….the wedding will be considerably smaller than we’d thought (YAY! it’s going to be ALMOST EXACTLY my ideal size…but at the end, the guest list kept growing and growing and growing)…. today was the due date for reply cards. i’ve started harassing emails/text messages (in good nature with people i feel comfortable with) but will start making official calls next week, etc. but right now we’re at 115 with 33 people to hear from yet. it’s gonna end up to be almost my ideal size… and it will be much easier on the pocket because when we were figuring out caterer costs, we banked on all 200 guests saying yes (even though we knew that wouldn’t happen… better to overbudget than underbudget) … YAYs all around!! ♥

i think future husband is a LITTLE disappointed at the size… but i’m personally thrilled.


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