projects projects projects.

21 July 2010

futurehusband & i have done so many projects over the past few months. first, we made all of our invitations ourselves. in the meantime, i became addicted to wedding blogs. some favorites have been here, here, here, and here. so much inspiration for so many projects.

once we decided to do cupcakes, i got cracking on cupcake stands, which i made for a fraction of the price…. there will be three of these per table:
i made 50 cupcake stands...

futurehusband built crates to carry these, but i don’t have a photo of that.

i was disappointed when IKEA was out of a chalkboard easel… so futurehusband suprised me and MADE one for me:
welcome chalkboard

this will hold a welcome message for the guests at the reception. how will the guests be able to find the reception, you ask? see here….
<---- reception bathroom ---->

i requested it, and future husband got to work! he’s so handy!

i named all of our table numbers after years that we’ve known each other…
the year that we met.
all of the table numbers

… and then i got to work on matchbooks and flags.

these matchbooks will be the death of me… they take forever.
matchbook mosaic
above, 133 are done!

and here are the flags… all done! i think we shall give them to people as we leave the church….
yay flags!Photo 179

also done but not pictured because they are already in milwaukee:
table runners with this fabric (the fabric is nowhere near as bright as this photo makes it look), a unity candle display (made and thrifted), a photo display of all of our grandparents and parents, my future name on the bottom of my shoes, and…, well, i’m sure there are some other projects. but that’s enough for now. am i accountable enough, now? 🙂


2 Responses to “projects projects projects.”

  1. sister. said

    LOVE all of this, although you already know that. all of this is so YOU; it makes me so happy.

  2. erin said

    Thanks for sharing, especially with pictures!! THIS is another blog I read for inspiration! 🙂 And how exactly did you make those cupcake stands? You need to explain that for us less crafty people.

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