fitness update.

21 July 2010

so in order to hold myself accountable, i listed my fitness goals a few weeks (months?) back. i’ve been doing OKAY… not stellar. for example, i stopped doing insanity because i was having foot pain. i still have been doing other things– running, Jillian Michaels, yoga, elipticalling– at least one of those, usually two, almost every day…

GOAL ONE: I wrote this over a month ago…”it’s just time. i need more strength, more flexibility, MORE ENDURANCE, and just to be LESS TIRED.”

  • progress: i’m losing strength because i’m not doing P90X anymore. that’s sad. but happily, i’m gaining endurance and flexibility. sadly, i’m not less tired. i blame my poor sleeping habits. DEAR MIND/BODY, IT IS OKAY TO TURN OFF AT NIGHT. THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO.

GOAL TWO: yoga goals:

  • to do at least SOME practice 4 days a week (it can be for just 5 minutes)
    • eh. i would say i’m definitely at 3 days. 4 days MOST weeks but not all.
  • to hold bakasana for 1:00. i have it for about 30 seconds right now
    • WIN. goal achieved. consistently.
  • to work toward side crane. eek!
    • I’m working on it. I really am. Not there yet.
  • mermaid
    • Can do, but I’m working towards perfecting it.
  • work on headstands and feathered peacock
    • I’ve been working on headstands (wall assist!). Feathered peacock has gone to the wayside a bit.
  • improve hip flexibility, esp. for frog
    • this i do often. It’s working, but I can’t say goal achieved. (can you ever in yoga, really?)
  • Marichyasana I
    • I enjoy this one.

So overall- I’ve been doing okay. Eating is still something I struggle with. I struggle with telling myself NO. I struggle with eating sugar (yum!). I struggle with snackng wayyyyy too much, thouhg I have written down EVERYTHING I’ve put into my body for the past 4 days (I do believe that is the longest a food journal has ever lasted in my life).

i will be back later with a wedding project update. one of today’s goals is to photograph as many of the DIY projects that I have residing here in Illinois… and then post them. 🙂


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