wedding DIY projects

27 June 2010

Table numbers, originally uploaded by sarahreck.

this weekend was *so* productive on the wedding front. which is good, because this was the LAST weekend before the wedding that we don’t have to be in milwaukee for at least PART of the weekend…

we accomplished a lot. i crafted, tyler designed & built. i’ve decided that maybe i can use the wedding as an excuse to become a better blogger. because if i make public the projects that i am going to do, maybe then i will actually feel guilty if i don’t DO them.

so, this weekend we:
-made our “table numbers”– we are numbering them by YEARS instead of by the boring 1, 2, 3. we were eating dinner last night and it struck me: we’ve known each other almost exactly as long as the number of tables that we’ll have. each table number is framed in an IKEA frame and includes a note about something that happened to us during that year (note: if you’re seated at years 2001-2006, it’s boring… we call those the lost years and just include little factoids about what we were each doing individually since we didn’t talk much, if at all. if there are a lot of “no” RSVPs– PEOPLE, RETURN YOUR RESPONSE CARDS ASAP!– then we will just not have tables with those numbers.
-tyler crafted a pointy sign so we can direct guests to the reception & to the bathroom. he built it from scratch, i painted the lettering on. it looks, well, awesome. wait for photos.
-tyler built crates for the 50 cake stands that i made. $15 for cake stands in the store– are you kidding? mine were less than $2 a pop! and now, thanks to future husband, we have a way to carry them.
-i designed our unity candle display. i still have to finish the actual candle itself, but it’s almost done
-we decided how we’re doing our tribute candles. we love you g&g r, g&g n, g&g c, & g g & passed on aunts/uncles.
-we decided how we’re doing our “where we came from display.” now i’m just waiting on photos from the moms…
-i THINK we decided how we’re doing our aisle decor (the vases). yet to be decided officially, as i didn’t have time to craft a prototype yet…

this week:
make the YAY flags (like this:
figure out welcome bags (if we’re doing them, what goes in them)
make bathroom courtesy baskets
figure out rehearsal/rehearsal dinner times
figure out how to officially ask the ushers
figure out how to officially ask the readers
figure out a job for a special cousin
FINISH the unity candle once & for all
make the “where we came from” sign
exchange tyler’s ring for the right size
make a prototype of the aisle decor to determine if they are right or not

i think that’s enough for one week, yeah?


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