shaping up.

7 June 2010

i am shaping up in many ways.

trying to.

trying to be calmer in my mind, in my heart.
trying to organize and shape up my work habits (it was a good, but rough, first year on the job).

and of course, physically.

i began p90X on march 8. i finished on saturday. i proudly did NOT skip any workouts… except the last one. and i don’t know if that counts. it was supposed to be a YogaX day… and I had a really tough hour & fifteen minute yoga class at the gym. So I did YOGA, just not Tony Horton yoga….

I took yesterday off, and today, I did the Insanity fit test. 60 days begins NOW.

For accountability, because I need that (even though NOBODY READS THIS):
switch kicks– 86
power jacks– 43
power knees — 82
power jumps– 38
globe jumps– 8
suicide jumps– 15
push-up jacks– 21
low plank obliques– 54


later, I went to the gym with tyler and did Ab Ripper X, some strength machines, and elipticalled for 15 minutes. and steamed (BEST. PART. OF. MY. DAY.).

i feel like it’s time to really get into shape. p90x was a good start, but i didn’t lose as many inches/pounds as I would have liked (after pictures still need be taken. tomorrow). i just feel like its TIME. i have the time this summer to do this.

and of course there’s that little thing called a wedding in 67 days.

it’s just time. i need more strength, more flexibility, MORE ENDURANCE, and just to be LESS TIRED.

oh summer. you’re perfect to achieve these goals.

i also have yoga fitness goals:
-to do at least SOME practice 4 days a week (it can be for just 5 minutes)
-to hold bakasana for 1:00. i have it for about 30 seconds right now
-to work toward side crane. eek!
-work on headstands and feathered peacock
-improve hip flexibility, esp. for frog
Marichyasana I

now i’m a little more accountable. i don’t have the plans for how i’m going to achieve all of these goals yet other than: i began insanity today and WILL complete it. I will work on yoga poses. I am going to make a food plan (but thats not ready yet).

but at least now, i’m a little more accountable for general fitness, and for my specific yoga poses. 🙂

goodnight, nobody!


One Response to “shaping up.”

  1. Nobody said

    You go girl!

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