15 May 2010


i love that boy, i love that photo, i love valo photography, i love that day (i love fields of gold, i love chick-fil-a, i love cupcakes, i love abandoned coal plants, i love family, i love friends, i love beer, i love engagement photo shoots with jake and simon), i love this american life, i love coffee, i love quiet saturday mornings, i love yoga, and i just LOVE.


3 Responses to “love.”

  1. Erin said

    Those pictures are AMAZING!! My favorite is the one where you’re standing against the car. Love is great! And I’m putting these guys on my list to check out! 🙂

  2. sarahgail said

    erin- you NEED to check out jake & simon. jake & i have been friends for five years and he and simon OFFICIALLY opened their business a few years back. before the shoot, i knew jake was awesome, and took wonderful photos, but AFTER the shoot… we had the BEST day, and clearly, they did a great job with the photos (i can’t wait to see jake’s shots! these are just simon’s!). if you’re getting married in MKE (are you???), check them out, i cannot sing their praises highly enough. loveloveLOVE!

  3. Jess said


    these photos are AWESOME! i love them! and i love you!

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