this is where

7 April 2010

Spring Break 2010, originally uploaded by sarahreck.

i make things. or i try to.

i feel like i always have so many ideas in my head, and i don’t know how to get them out, and i follow at least a hundred craft blogs. and then there was me, and it took me 5 months to finish my granny square blanket.

i haven’t figured out a good balance between working and crafting and working out and reading for fun and still keeping in touch with family and friends. oh, and planning a wedding.

but i’m trying, and i’m getting better. and now that my space is more organized again, i just want to spend time in there. i love being surrounded by my craft things. i don’t love the painted-over-blue-wallpaper, but i love everything else about my tiny corner of the house.

maybe i’ll go there now.

or maybe i’ll go to bed.


One Response to “this is where”

  1. Jess said

    I love my craft space. Someday soon (in a year ish) we should venture to craft together. in our craft spaces. love you!

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