blogging, for me, is like dieting

6 April 2010


not a famous one. just a consistent one.


what is stopping me, really?

why is this just like dieting for me?

allow me to explain: i can work out and follow exercise plans like nobody’s business (following the training plans for 7 half marathons, check. marathon training plan, then marathon, check. p90x workout program, 1/3 check–today is 30!. ).

but diets?

nope. i’ve never really had to DIET (HAD to), but i’m trying to improve my health by eating better. but alas… i haven’t yet been successful with that. i like snacking & carbs & treats way too much.

(who ate like 8 dove promises that were in the teacher’s lounge today? this girl. who had thai takeout last night & leftovers tonight? this girl).

so really… blogging.

it’s kind of like dieting. at least for me.

i’ve halfheartedly tried, just like i’ve halfheartedly tried at a diet. but in both endeavors, i’ve failed, partially because (i think), it’s not as scripted (as a workout plan).

but i want to eat better.

and i want to be a blogger.

my blog will not be about eating better.

it will be about me. and just life.

it won’t be too personal- i don’t like that. but it will probably be more personal than it should be.

here we go.

action statement #1: tomorrow, i will blog SOMETHING.


One Response to “blogging, for me, is like dieting”

  1. Erin said

    I completely agree! I keep lists of things I want to blog about, and then, well, I’m better at making lists than blogging… Go Sarah, Go Sarah, Go Go Sarah!

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