beginning the new years goals thoughts

29 December 2009

this post, by the very inspiring kelly rae roberts, rings true to me. this part especially:

<<i’m committed. yes! committed to getting more of a life. doing new things (salsa lessons!). meeting new people. learning new skills (bought three cookbooks!). making new art. keeping track of my time online. writing more gratitude lists. writing more love notes. reading more books. reading more magazines (the current issue of oprah was the best magazine i’ve ever read. cover to cover, it helped me so much). making more gifts. getting outside more, even in the rain. going to concerts. doing less, while doing more.

you know, life. i want more of it. because in the end, having a life is what makes me better at what i do. it also inspires what i do. and how i do it. so, that’s the challenge, peeps. more life in 2010. it’s a journey i want to take. a journey i’m ready to take.
maybe not exactly all of that, but close.
i want more of it.
i need to learn how to leave work at work.
i need to have more LIFE.

One Response to “beginning the new years goals thoughts”

  1. J-Koser said

    I really like this post, Sarah. I made a very similar resolution this year. Mine is to watch less TV and try new things. So far it is going very well as I am involved in a Spiritual group that meets weekly, a book club, and I have made a few new friends this year. I hope you are finding more of LIFE in all that you are doing in 2010.

    Love, Jeni

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