updated list!

23 November 2009

ONGOING projects
  • take vitamins EVERY DAY in November (I have set up an alarm to tell me this)– 23/23
  • journal OR blog EVERY day– 23/23
  • read the new John Irving novel –50 pages left!
  • keep up with the dwindling 365 project…. well, i’ve taken the pictures every day…..
  • call grandpa weekly — 2 for 2 so far 🙂 (I still have till the end of the week…)
  • do 5 things with tiffany EVERY day– 23/23 so far. 🙂

one time things

  • make a list of all christmas gifts that i am going to make/give — it’s started at least….
  • make thanksgiving placecards (practice for something??)
  • give the box of things in the bedroom to Goodwill
  • try a new fruit (persimmons purchased! waiting for them to ripen).
  • make a budget (save: wedding, house, new car someday, student loans)
  • spend one day (24 hours) internet/telephone free.
  • BCBA application for once & for all!
  • build another fort

Good progress, I think…. but there’s still a ways to go. I might not make the goal, but at least I know that I used these productive/happy things to distract me from November. My goal right now is to fill the Goodwill box & to make a budget & finish the John Irving book by the time I leave for MKE…. and of course, the Thanksgiving placecards will have to be done by Thurs 🙂


I’m so looking forward to family. ❤


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