progress on the nov list…. these are yet to complete.

6 November 2009


  • take vitamins EVERY DAY in November (I have set up an alarm to tell me this): 6/6 so far.

  • make 10 more granny squares — hey, they’re big. they take a long time. 10 more is a good goal.: 2 so far.

  • journal OR blog EVERY day: 6/6 so far.

  • read the new John Irving novelonly on page 60, i think….

  • call grandpa weekly : 1/1 so far


  • join a gym

  • make thanksgiving placecards (practice for something??)

  • run 5 miles without stopping

  • make a list of all christmas gifts that i am going to make/give

  • take a fall botanical garden walk

  • bake cookies

  • give the box of things in the bedroom to Goodwill

  • have fun with Paula & Ben when they come to visit

  • try a new fruit (thanks, mom, fun suggestion!)

  • wear pigtails at least once

  • play park & shop

  • participate in the tyler & sarah 2009 leaf harvest. i was just informed of this very exciting event.

  • make a budget (save: wedding, house, new car someday, student loans)

  • spend one day (24 hours) internet/telephone free.

  • BCBA application for once & for all!

  • try yet another recipe for chicken pad thai with tyler (we have been searching…. and searching… and searching….)

  • build another fort


One Response to “progress on the nov list…. these are yet to complete.”

  1. uptowngirl25 said

    How did I know that you would have a blog too? Love it! Keep posting:)

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