30 (happy) things in 30 days

3 November 2009

dear november,

it’s no secret that i have a grudge against you. it’s no secret that you have caused me and many that i love many, many sleepless nights, tears, and heartache. most bad things that have happened to us as a family have happened in november. all but one death in the past 10 years has happened in november.

and yet, it’s absolutely silly to hold a grudge against a month.

even though i know that rationally, i feel an impending sense of doom as you’ve been approaching.

but enough is enough. you’ve controlled my life for too long. goodbye, evil november. instead, here are 30 mostly happy things that i am going to do this month (i say mostly happy because things like “take my vitamins every day” are not in themselves happy things, but things that apparently will lend themselves to happy things of some sort– e.g., healthy lifestyle, or something?).

peace out, evil november. welcome, not-so-bad month.

love, sarah



  • join a gym
  • take vitamins EVERY DAY in November (I have set up an alarm to tell me this)
  • run 5 miles without stopping

just for fun:

  • eat breakfast for dinner at least once
  • make a list of all christmas gifts that i am going to make/give
  • make 10 more granny squares — hey, they’re big. they take a long time. 10 more is a good goal.
  • make thanksgiving placecards (practice for something??)
  • journal OR blog EVERY day
  • go to a Packer game
  • take a fall botanical garden walk
  • bake cookies
  • read the new John Irving novel
  • do 5 things with tiffany EVERY day
  • give the box of things in the bedroom to Goodwill
  • have fun with Paula & Ben when they come to visit
  • try a new fruit (thanks, mom, fun suggestion!)
  • keep up with the dwindling 365 project….
  • wear pigtails at least once
  • set up the electrical system in the house so that at least some kind of light goes on when you turn on a light switch- ha! it sounds so simple…
  • throw away tyler’s hole-y socks. i don’t care what he says!
  • play park & shop
  • participate in the tyler & sarah 2009 leaf harvest. i was just informed of this very exciting event.
  • make some kind of garland for over the fireplace. i am inspired by oh-so-many…. like this one
  • make a budget (save: wedding, house, new car someday, student loans)
  • spend one day (24 hours) internet/telephone free.
  • call grandpa weekly
  • BCBA application for once & for all!
  • try yet another recipe for chicken pad thai with tyler (we have been searching…. and searching… and searching….)
  • build another fort
  • reenact my flickrpro account

boo-yah November. That’s that. That’s my 30 things in 30 days list. Let’s see how I do. GO!


One Response to “30 (happy) things in 30 days”

  1. Lizzi said

    I love your list! I do the same… I’m just not as brave as you are to post it in my blog! =)

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