::labor day

7 September 2009

today’s homework is easy. my philosophy of work can be summed up in just a few words.

work hard. do the job you’d want done if someone asked you to do it. finish your to do list weeks before it absolutely must be done. i started that practice in grad school, when i would write papers months in advance and having any work done before the due date became known as “doing-it-the-sarah-LASTNAME-way” (oh no, i’m not ready to share my last name with you here, not yet).

work hard.

the statement that usually follows that is play hard, but i really don’t. i do, however, relax hard.

today, buttered noodles & found pennies make me think of bayberry lane. missing you, grandma.

i’m uninspired and cranky. partially because i have a very, very long to do list that is not comfortably completed in advance. tomorrow, i start week three of being a Real Live School Psychologist– no longer a grad student or an intern. no one to hide behind except for my doctoral degree.


i wonder how long i can fool them into thinking i’m as smart as my doctorate makes me sound.


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