day 2::travel

1 September 2009

i think that this is the first time that i’ve ever blogged 2 days in a row. and i have to admit that i feel horribly guilty, because i told future husband that i was working (and i WAS)– but now i need to unwind a little bit.

why is it that there is never enough time in the day? even now that we live together. i constantly feel like i am rushing. i know a part of that is the new job, the new routine– i’m not used to it yet. i’m just not. i’m taking on way too much because i feel like making friends is just as important as doing a good job.

but i need to remember to BREATHE. to live now. i was so exhausted afterschool today, trying to leave on time, so that i could go on a movie date with lauren (my sister’s keeper– not a great movie, but horribly, horribly sad. i cried & cried & cried. i never used to read jodi picoult novels before this summer, but then i read like 7 in a row… there’s something about her characters, and the way that she makes every situation understandable from multiple, competing points of view. it is, in fact, a good reminder that people come at both easy and difficult situations with very different perspectives- and the reason that i like the jodi books is because she does a good job at making the reader understand those perspectives).

oh sarah, your tangents amaze me.

today’s homework is to write about travel. this is easy. the last prompt from Traveling Oma:

~How has travel changed you? Prompt: “After I went to___, I felt differently about___.”

so. easy.

after i went to italy, i felt differently about the little things. smurfs on bedsheets and in happy meals, ham & cheese pockets, the opera, penne arribiata, walking through the train station, bus number 33. i felt differently about purses and about high heels, about cameras and film (this was before the digital era).

there was a different world out there. one that i didn’t know existed until i went to italy.

and that was just a small, small part of everything that’s out there.

studying in italy for three months showed me how different we all are, but more importantly, through the little things: it showed me how similar we all are.

i ate, i cried, i sight-saw (sight-seed?), i wrote, i photographed, i loved, i did toe raises on the bathroom ledge.

but most of all, i learned. i learned about people, i learned about customs, and i learned how we really aren’t so different at all.


One Response to “day 2::travel”

  1. Travel always makes me remember how big the world is and how small my world is. Great post!

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