school days.

31 August 2009

in order to jumpstart my blog, my afterschool life, etc, i’m taking an online “class” with one of my favorite blogger’s mothers.

it’s a “class” to learn more about yourself as a blogger, as a writer, as someone who creates. it sounds perfect for me. i can’t promise to be perfect (ok, seriously, let’s be honest, i haven’t been a very good blooger… well, ever…. i always want to be but i think i get scared to bare things to the virtual world. i also have to admit that i’ve been horrendous with my journal upkeep lately as well).

but to begin. i must do at least part of my “homework” for day 1….
first, i’m supposed to think of a writing project that i want to do, and then write 10 steps to begin it.

OR, i’m supposed to think about what my name would be if i were a character in my own book.

OR, i’m supposed to describe my inner self and outer self.

OR, i’m supposed to make a list of writing projects I’d like to do someday.

OR i’m supposed to write a blog post about why you have a blog.

is it bad that all of the choices overwhelm me? i work with students with autism in everyday job… and choice is always something that we like to give the students. but we’re very strategic about how we do it. we don’t give them TOO many choices, because that could be overwhelming, but we want to give them enough choices to give them enough autonomy to OWN their choice. to make it something of their own.

which, i think was the intention.

but i’m overwhelmed with where to begin. i could write about why i have a blog– but i don’t know why i have a blog. actually, i kind of do. i have a blog because i admire so many people with a blog. there’s Real Life friends that i know that have blogs that i’m jealous of the way that they upkeep and record their adventures (an make their very own blogs/webpages for thesis projects)– and then there’s people that i “know” in Online Life. people i admire greatly, who inspire me all of the time, who make me want to be better. do i comment on those people’s blogs?

almost never.

which makes no sense.

because i really do want my own set of blog friends, of people who i actually feel comfortable enough with to comment on, who comment on my blog (is it bad that i feel a sense of rejection if i comment on someone else’s something and they don’t comment back about MY comment? how ridiculous is this conversation?).

but i’m scared. i’m scared that i’m not good enough, that they won’t like me, etc.

and then i back away from the upkeep of THIS blog.

orange in the middle of the table.

tell me everything, as it was

in the beginning.

i love margaret atwood. i’ve always found her to be extremely inspiring.

to end my Very Random Post….

a list of writing projects i would like to complete someday:
1. write a novel. yes, it really is that vague.
2. write several short stories from adventures that happened to me while studying abroad
3. keep a blog, at least somewhat regularly.
4. and academically– publish my dissertation in a journal. it’s submitted right now– cross your fingers for me, everyone.

everyone…. whoever you are.

(i’m too nervous to give this address to anyone i know in real life, except emily has it, and maybe liz too.)



3 Responses to “school days.”


    You should really c’mon over to Tumblr.

  2. I love how honest you are about why you have a blog. I have been in many discussions where blogging has been billed as a waste of time. At first I was ambiguous—I liked doing it, but maybe it was dumb. (Actually, I still have that debate with myself sometimes.) Most of my real-life friends aren’t at all interested in reading it. I’ve decided it’s like joining a writing group. It’s just a new group of friends that are all interested in learning to write better. And my blog has been a place where I can try to figure out what I think. Hey, it’s cheaper than therapy!

    Good post!

  3. Ritesh said

    I can completely relate to your thoughts. I think almost everyone goes thru these questions in their head when they think of starting/maintaining a blog, for a personal reason (not something for a Business or Marketing).

    You are right, blogs can be completely random or completely focussed on one subject. It all depends on your passion and things you want people to know about you. But from creative perspective the boundaries are endless….that’s the charm of the human brain and lot of people are doing a good job at it.

    My first article was on similar lines. I tried to write a few of them, but then got side tracked. But now I’m more inclined to start a blog that will be focussed on one topic/area of interest. I do wonder sometimes….what kind of audience do I really want on my blog? how do I get the word out? do they really have time to read what I’m writing? or is this just a ‘Dear Diary’ kind of blog….which is not my cup of tea :).

    But in this world of online networking, atleast we have an option to link everything together to be able to share our different colors and passions with the world.
    Example: your facebook account led me to your Flickr which led me here…

    Happy Blogging!

    – Ritesh

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