it has been 6 years.

14 April 2009

it has been 6 years.

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i always miss her.

her, telling me to remember to have a hot dog when i was at the airport in germany (frankfurter, get it?).

her, and the heart smiley faces.

her, calling me bear.

her, playing park n’ shop.

her, having crayons in that ugly black plastic box in the thrid drawer on the right of her desk in her room.

her, reading mary higgins clark.

her, listening to the amelie soundtrack with me in the car.

her, humoring me with days of our lives.

her, hugging me in the hallway.

her, with the banana holder.

her, intercepting “letters from the animals” to us.

her, laughing.

her, wearing her watches halfway up her arm.

her, and her bags of marshmallows.

her, everyday.


i think of you everyday.

love, bear.


One Response to “it has been 6 years.”

  1. marta said

    absolutely beautiful words. am glad to land in your space. will be browsing a bit. happy friday.

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