how to get yourself out of a funk

18 March 2009

here i outline the steps to getting yourself out an anxious funk when you spent the entire day watching, literally watching, your cell phone and calling your work voicemail to see if you’ve been offered the job that you thought you had in the bag. several interventions this afternoon, including turning off the telephone for several hours, and going for a run without the phone helped, but the real mood improvement began after a dinner of potstickers.

step 1: eat what you want for dinner. that being potstickers if that is what you would like. may i suggest sweet chile sauce with red pepper flakes as a dipping sauce? may i also allow you to have 3 extra ones if you really want them and are still hungry after waiting for twenty minutes to make sure you’re not JUST emotionally eating (hey, there’s gotta be some kind of physiological component to it as well).

step 2: have a dance party in your apartment to “shooting star” by david rush (ft. LMFAO and some other peeps). may i suggest some jumping along with some rhythmic arm waving? in fact, if it starts to get dark in your apartment, and you try to take a self-portrait using the self-timer on your Nikon D40, it may turn out something like this….dsc_0087

step 3: go to the craft store and buy various colors of felt sheets for various craft projects. tell them you DON’T need a plastic bag. save the earth!

step 4: go to the bookstore. peruse the craft section for books such as handmade nation

step 5: write in your journal while listening to andrew bird over the barnes & noble speakers and sitting in one of the fluffy, comfy chairs that you have loved since you were little.

step 6: wander around the store aimlessly. remember that you have a giftcard from christmas still and decide what to buy. go for the moleskines– first ones ever!!!– and the wreck this journal. WHY NOT?

step 7: the end. your bad mood is gone.


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