the paradox

10 October 2008

recently (as of the past few weeks), i’ve made a conscious effort to keep up on politics and on the already-present financial crisis is an increased level of anxiety. the one good thing that i can say about still being a graduate student is that at least i have no money to lose. and i think, after weeks of article-reading and podcasting, i can finally say that i understand, at least to a degree that i am comfortable with, that i am educated on the issues. i always get like this right before an election. it makes me wonder why i don’t keep up with the news as much during the off-seasons (i do, but not nearly to this degree), and then i remember why: it’s nerve-wrecking. i can’t do it. i absorb problems, take them in, and when i can’t do a thing to solve them, i experience the phenomena of learned helplessness. and we all know where that leads: nowhere good.

the paradox of being informed is the horror and the anxiety that accompanies it.


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