pia jane bijkerk

6 June 2008

i’m in that mood where i think i’m so much more creative than i actually am, or think that i actually could be, when really my strengths lie in the practicality of things, rather than the artistic nature of those same things. but the question is, can i get there if i want it enough, and DO I want it enough? this is a question that i’ve never really been able to answer and stems from the larger question of what do i really want? what is really important to me? maybe this is the question that everyone struggles with, but right now, it feels like it is just me, which the practical side of me tells me is absolutely ridiculous. but that other side, that side that kind of likes to be sad, is convinced that i’m the only person ever in this world to ever feel like this.


which, of course is ridiculous (the practical side wouldn’t let me end a post that way).


One Response to “pia jane bijkerk”

  1. eg said

    can i tell you how much i appreciate being able to see this? i don’t know if i can, it is that much.

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